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Renegade Elite rules

We operate as a flexible and dynamic community capable of adapting to the ever-changing aspects of online gaming. In order to provide our members with a quality community experience, we have established a standard set of rules and regulations designed to promote some of our most important core values, such as friendship, loyalty, respect and sportsmanship. By accepting membership to this community, you have agreed to abide by the rules outlined herein. Failure of any member to follow the rules and regulations, regardless of rank, title or tenure, can result in various levels of corrective action by Community leadership. This action can include verbal or written counselling, warning level increase, loss of rank or title, suspension and removal from Renegade Elite.

  1. Allegiance and alliances

    1. Renegade Elite demands the same level of commitment and loyalty from all its members. As such, we do not allow REEL members to participate in any other group that supports any game franchise that we support. Failure to abide by this will is considered moonlighting and will result in a ban. #
  2. Cheating, glitching or boosting

    1. We define cheating as: Any modifications to the PS4 platform or official games. Using files and/or programs, which alter the behaviour of a game. Which create an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it. (Examples: wall hacks or speed cheats)

      We define glitching as: Use of any behaviour of the game that is either undocumented or unintended by the manufacturer in order to increase the own personal performance or decrease the performance of others. (Examples: hiding in a rock or shooting through a wall you normally cannot)

      We define Boosting as: Any act that increases one's own stats or one's team stats through dishonest means. (Examples: XP boosting)
      No REEL member will attempt to increase his/her own stats (be it KDR, XP, etc...), or team stats in a way contrary to the games intended means. This includes purposefully losing a match to lengthen game-play in an attempt to try and increase one's own statistics. If any other potential issues arise, the REELC will review and make a final decision to determining if a tactic used, is boosting or not.

      Should credible accusations of cheating, glitching or boosting occur, the member will be subject to an investigation by the Chain of Command (CoC). If a member/s found guilty they could be kicked from Renegade Elite. #
  3. Inactive members

    1. As a gaming community, we expect all our members to be active in the community. Members must be visiting our forums at least once every two weeks and we also expect the same level of activity on the Playstation 4.

      If you are going to be away for more than two weeks please inform senior staff of Renegade Elite, otherwise, once two weeks have passed our system will notify us that you have become inactive and you could be removed from the clan. #
  4. Friendship and real life

    1. We are primarily a group of friends and as such have a "Friends First" motto. However, disagreements can occur. If an issue cannot be resolved in a reasonable and friendly manner, all parties are expected to notify the Chain of Command for resolution.<br />We accept all real life needs and commitments and will not put any member into a decision between real life success and Renegade Elite Clan and, where possible, we will attempt to help in any way we can. #
  5. Conduct

    1. Members will show respect to one another regardless of their place of origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed. The same level of respect will be given to non-members. Members will show dignity, honour and integrity both in and outside of REEL. Any insults or lack of respect towards REEL and its members by non-members we encourage to be ignored and left uncommented but if you would like to stand up to them, by all means, do this.

      No member will issue religious or political matters or respond to any of them, broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content or any other adult content whether be by images or text/voice communications.

      Sportsmanship is expected in every facet of in-game participation, whether it is public lobbies, intra-clan competition or external competitive ladders. Always remember that to the public, you are not perceived as an individual but as a representative of the Renegade Elite Community. #
  6. Forum conduct

    1. We as a community do not condone advertisements of any kind including but not limited to outside/other site services with exception to joint sponsors with REEL, Posting links to torrents, file leaches, etc. These are illegal and Renegade Elite does not want to be held liable for illegal downloading of any content. Violation of such may result in corrective action up to and including discharge. Any videos posted must adhere to all established rules and regulations regarding conduct. #