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Become a Renegade Elite recruiter!

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Become a Renegade Elite recruiter!

Unread post by B-I-G-DEVIL » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:33 pm

This posting is for the vacant Recruiter opportunity in Renegade Elite

Role and Responsibilities for this position:
Recruiting is the main duty to keep Renegade Elite active.
It is the Recruiters of this clan who acts as the face of REEL in varying public platforms in order to recruit quality members into REEL. Recruiters are responsible for checking assigned forums and websites and looking for potential members to join our community and persuade them to join.

Response Time to all requests
All Recruiters are to respond to requests/messages within 48 hours. (Unless absent)

By becoming a Recruiter you are a vital asset for the growth of Renegade Elite.
You are ensuring our growth and in-turn ensuring the success and future of REEL.
Active Recruiters are prime candidates for several leadership roles within REEL.
You will be added to the Media Team group on the site so you can enjoy your new forum colour

If you are interested in this position please pm B-I-G-DEVIL and include the following criteria:
Copy and paste - and then reply to the following questions, please reply using Sentences not short answers.
1) Why do you think you would be good for this position?
2) Do you feel you have the maturity and the leadership abilities to fulfil your duties as a Recruiter? (If yes, please explain)
3) What do you think are the main duties and responsibilities of becoming a Recruiter? Can you complete all the duties stated within a reasonable amount of time?
4) What other skills and training can you bring to Recruiting?

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